Danièle Bourcier, PhD

Position: Scientific Committee






Dr. Danièle Bourcier is Director of Research at the Centre d’Études et de Recherches de Science Administrative (CERSA-CNRS, Paris) in the Law, Technology, and Language area. She is associated professor on law and computers (Université de Paris I and Paris 10) and has been research fellow in Sweden, The Netherlands, and Austria. She has published many books and papers in the domains of artificial intelligence, complex systems and linguistics applied to law (lex electronica). She is involved in several European projects on governance, risk and democracy. She is director of research at the Center Marc Bloch (Berlin) to launch a project on comparative e-law in Europe (2005-2006). She is also the Scientific Director of Creative Commons France and of the collection "Droit et Technologies" of the Romillat Éditeur.

Dr. Danièle Bourcier was awarded the CNRS et Ville d’Orléans Special Prizes for her PhD in public law. She also holds and Advanced Degree (DEA) in political sciences and a Degree in Linguistics (Maîtrise).